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Adapt & Adjust, But Stay Connected.

Got an event lined up? Great. But what happens if your event, conference, launch or meeting is planned in the middle of our current global crisis? Current health restrictions related to the COVID-19 Virus are playing havoc in the events industry and many organisers are deciding to cancel or postpone events. 

But is cancelling your entire event the right thing to do? Our answer is no. Even if your attendees can’t physically be there, this doesn’t mean your event and business needs to stop. In times like these, the show must go on! But it does mean we have to ADAPT. It’s more important now than ever to keep continued interaction, engagement and communication with your teams, customers, and attendees. We all need to stay connected

The good news is that there are many different ways to pull off a successful event experience using smart technology. For the time being, businesses need to adopt a temporary shift in thinking. Where we would normally use this technology to enhance a physical event, it can now be used to host and pull off an entire event through a virtual experience.


So what are the options?

During this unprecedented time for the live events industry, it’s time to lay out all the virtual options. And these options do come with some benefits too. Going virtual means being able to connect with attendees across the globe without leaving your home or office, whether it’s live webinars, presentations or training that can be done through LMS systems. You can also pre-record, edit and place your message on your intranet.

Virtual events can take out the stress of replanning an event, and we’ll walk you through the best elements of the physical event so that we can translate it into a virtual one. It really is a great plan B. Not to mention, virtual events can be:

  • Flexible
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Interactive



Adjust and reimagine connected experiences

At AVCOM, we know a physical event can’t be fully replaced by a virtual experience, but hosting a webinar or a virtual event is still a great way to connect with an audience. Anyone can join the event online, from wherever they are in the world, allowing your entire community or ecosystem to be part of it, with no limitations on numbers. You might even want to add a few more onto the guestlist now that it’s hosted online too. So, don’t cancel it, stream it.

We’re experts in advanced events technology and can provide your event with professional video productions that represent your brand. With multiple video cameras for close-ups, wide shots and dynamic vision mixing, your attendees will feel like they’re right there in the action. This solution is also ideal for sharing important messages with teams and clients that are usually done at physical meetings – stay connected.

Want to take the experience to the next level?


Get creative with your Web Streaming

Recording your event or live web streaming it means you need to consider everything that your viewers will see. This is where green screens, cinematic effects, and backdrops come in handy.

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With the use of this technology, we can design and supply motion graphics, adding them as a digital backdrop or a brandable, customisable ATOMIC modular structure to enhance your presentation.

OneZero3 - Avivav2

Look at this as an opportunity to explore alternative creative solutions to translate your physical event plan into the virtual world. We’ll guide you through making sure your virtual experience replicates the physical one as much as possible.


Engaging and interactive

Our highly advanced Live WebStreaming system includes high definition video, graphics, title blocks and multiple visual pre-sets that will keep your audience’s eyes glued to the screen. An iframe link is provided for attendees to see the broadcast and unlimited attendees can view simultaneously.


Use our Q&A and chat technology to create further engagement and interaction. Remote attendees can interact with the presenters through live chat, Q&As and voting facilities, acting exactly like a real interactive live event. Ask the presenters questions and get personalised answers straight away, as well as start interesting discussions. Make lasting connections with anyone in the world, that may not have been able to attend before.

Take it to the next level with the production on-screen, keeping your audience engaged throughout, with an interactive visual experience.


Track the entire event

After the event, you can dive into the success of the event by looking at the analytics. This includes a post-digital event report, showing how many viewers the event had, in what location the attendees were in, as well as watch time data.

What’s even better is that with our partner Olytico, we offer a full suite of social media and digital engagement opportunities for your event and virtual attendees; and with comprehensive post event reports and analysis we can track the success of your event and provide valuable insights for your business. 


Ready to embrace this virtual world?

No need to cancel your event, we’ve really got all the tools to turn it into something extraordinary without requiring physical presence. In fact, our technical experts are already technically supporting some of the key government and health departments in Ireland to spread their messages and share live updates.

AVCOM's team are just a call away to offer any advice and solutions needed during this global crisis. Get in touch with us today to see how you can transform your upcoming event into one that’s beneficial during a crisis.

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