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Another significant investment in our LED display technology

When you really want to WOW your attendees, there is nothing better than a bespoke LED visual display setup along with dynamic motion graphics content. Gone are the days of setting up a big screen surface and projecting a video. Our clients want more. Our staging designs include multiple displays, media servers and content that bring their messages together.

At AVCOM, we have made another significant investment in our LED display technology and have a new order of 150 panels of Absen PL2.5 Pro LED Screen, Novastar 4K processors and Absen rigging solutions on the way from China and should be with us late June. So what does this mean for our clients?

With a Pixel Pitch of 2.5mm, for sharper images and a Brightness Nit of 1200, for a brighter, and more vibrant picture, your audiences will notice the quality.

Some other features that your guests don’t get to see are:

  • Inner and outer curve lock sinner and outer curve lock systems
  • Advanced flight case with pixel-protection.
  • Advanced stacking system, Drop, pop, and lock ground support for quick and easy floor installation

What does this mean for your event? Quicker installation, displays are protected on route and can be made taller without compromising on stability.

Are you ready to utilise our new displays?

Contact is us here or on +3531 2957213 and let us add the technical WOW to your next event.

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