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Navigating The Virtual World To Continue Full Steam Ahead

A few recommendations from Stuart Anderson, Sales Director at AVCOM.


When the coronavirus first hit China, I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life and the lives of all humanity. Now I’m working from home, cut off from all but my immediate family, with no direct access to my wider circle of family, friends or colleagues. That means no watercooler catch-ups about the rugby or a colleague’s latest love interest.

Whilst lockdown is the wisest decision for such an epidemic, we’re social creatures, and the lack of physical contact will take its toll. It’s important to keep in touch electronically, by phone or web conferencing. For family, regular calls is a must to check up on one another, especially family members that are of high risk or are spending this time in self-isolation. 

For work, we’ve set up a weekly video conferencing meeting with the Sales team to replace our usual physical one. Another virtual meeting is scheduled with our Business Development team and one more with our Board of Directors. We even recently did a pitch meeting with one of our client’s events team. All four of us collaborated via video conferencing from our homes and it went really well. All in all, it seems like many companies are adapting and making the necessary plans to change business operations and continue with business as best they can.

Physical Events Turn Virtual

As for our events that were lined up, we’re, of course, unable to meet and network in the same physical space, but we can help with the provision of high definition web streaming, including multi-site presentations, polling and even Q&A. Luckily, being cut off from the physical world doesn’t have to mean the end of a planned event, you can use great online platforms such as Zoom, GoToWebinar or Webex.

Zoom is highly capable

To highlight one specific platform that works well for us, as a video conferencing platform, Zoom has great features and is incredibly easy to set up and use. Luckily for AVCOM, we were already using Zoom over the last couple of years to connect with colleagues for team meetings who were based on client premises. In fact, a lot of the team were already set up to work remotely, so we were ready to go when our clients needed support with their projects remotely.

AVCOM Zoom meeting

Plus, being able to present from anywhere can be fun! I like the beach the most but I always end up with sand in my keyboard.

Let’s focus on the positive

Although this isn’t an easy time for anyone right now, I believe that every cloud has a silver lining. We have to take this time to shift our thinking and see how we can use it as an opportunity.

For example, I’m using this time to do all the time-consuming tasks I had previously put off. Working away in the peaceful and quiet countryside of North Wexford, I’m busy with various projects and looking at improving the way of working at AVCOM to make the process of planning and executing projects even easier post-COVID-19.

How else can you use your time?

Speaking of using time wisely, many companies are providing online training courses for those that perhaps can’t work remotely or want to improve their skills, both professionally and personally. In fact, I’m also improving my skills in software packages we use at AVCOM, such as Hubspot, and Rentman.

Aside from work, there is so much other time to fill. When I can drag myself away from the boxsets, I brush up on my typing skills, exercising the use of more than just my index fingers, thanks to Byte Back. I’ve also dusted off a beautiful guitar that has been decorating the corner of my home office for way too long, all of which keeps me busy for the week.


These are strange times indeed and it brings to mind the phrase ‘may you live in interesting times’. The origins of which are not known, and it may be seen as either a curse or a blessing, whichever you think, we’ve surely had to adapt to new ways of working at AVCOM.

Keep safe and sane. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side for coffee and a bun!

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